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The Team

Hood, Duct & Exhaust Cleaning

We use fully trained and certified technicians with NFPA #96 code along with all the latest methods for proper grease removal with environmentally friendly chemicals. Our crew leaders have over 19 years of in field experience each (now that's hard to find). Our services include

1. Hood cleaning

2. Duct cleaning

3. Complete exhaust fan cleaning

4. Outside of hood

5. Back splash/ back wall cleaning

6. Certification sticker of date cleaned and next recommended service date

7. A Detailed Inspection Report upon Cleaning

8. Exhaust fan belt replacement

We always clean up behind us so you or your employees will never have too.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), over 7600 fires are reported each year in foodservice establishments – costing an average of $32,198 in property damage alone. The majority of these fires are caused by grease and oil.


When performing a hood cleaning service we start from the top down. We clean the complete exhaust fan top and bottom. Then clean all areas of the duct work as well as the hood and filters.

We can also do a key program so you don't have to wait around


At completion of work performed on the exhaust system the customer will be given a detailed report. This will give the customer the awareness of any concerns regarding accessibility, mechaniclal or safety issues that may be present. At Stillwater Fire Protection it is our goal to build a relationship and create a great customer experience through the highest quality of service.

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